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Starting Over, Yet Again

August 31st, 2012 at 12:45 am

Any other Sex and the City fans out there? Smile

Well, itís been almost a year since my last blog post. Darn, I wish I could post regularly like so many of the other bloggers on this site. I get caught up in life and then forget about a lot of things.

I am so very disorganized at this moment in my life and I need to get back on track. Itís negatively effecting my finances and that needs to change! Iíve been catching up on the blogs the past few weeks and getting re-inspired to deal with money matters.

The biggest financial fail Iíve had is that for some unknown reason, I decided to stop paying my bills for a few months. I just lost track. Thankfully, I recently set up automatic payments for my electric and phone bills, so no utilities got shut off! Unfortunately, I had run up some charges on 3 credit cards and accrued both interest and late fees for a few months. I NEVER do that. NEVER! I even got the first monthís late charges reversed because I always pay on time and then I didnít pay the next monthís bill. Doh! Iím so disappointed in myself. But, Iím vowing to clean up my mess, hopefully learn from it all, and move on. Overall, my financial picture is very good. It could just be a whole lot better (as could my life) if I decided to focus more. So, here I am, yet again.

Iím going to start tracking my expenses starting September 1 and see if I can keep them fairly minimal for the month.

Hope everyone is doing well!