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exciting friday night

May 7th, 2016 at 12:54 am

I'm home lying in bed typing this entry on my laptop. I made myself some yummy nachos for dinner and ate them in this same position while watching the latest episode of Nashville for free on Hulu! I don't typically like country music, but I love that show! A quick calculation shows that my plate of nachos cost about $4.75 to make. It's taking all of my willpower not to go into the kitchen and make another batch! I'm now lying here trying to muster up some motivation to clean my messy kitchen. It is an unbelievable disaster area at the moment. I don't have a dishwasher and have PILES of dishes lying around everywhere. To top it off, the dirty dishes are not limited to the kitchen. Oh my, it's embarrassing to admit this all out loud. I'm going to have to set my timer and tackle the mess a few dishes at a time. I've been trying to get it cleaned up for weeks and it's just not happening. I won't even get into describing the current state of my fridge - I'll save that for another post! Smile

Today was a no-spend day. I exercised at home before going to work - a mix of light jogging on a mini trampoline, dancing, yoga and arm reps with light weights. Meals consisted of half of a free hummus and veggie sandwich and a glass of apple cider for breakfast (both leftover items from a Wednesday work event); a free lunch during a work event today (half a tuna sammie and half an egg salad sammie); a free small bag of potato chips as a snack and the nachos for dinner (I already had all of the ingredients on hand). I may chop up half of an apple and top it with freshly ground peanut butter for dessert. I got a massage, which was covered by my insurance, this afternoon (I am very grateful for this benefit).

I hope to tackle a little bit of the kitchen tonight and then attempt to go to sleep fairly early. I'll be out most of the day tomorrow, so won't have much time to clean. I should probably invite someone over to dinner very soon - that will force me to get an organizing grip. It would have to someone I don't very well though because most of my close friends have experienced my disarray at some point, so I wouldn't be as determined to solve the problem.

Oh no, my sweet cat has just curled up under my neck and is making it very difficult to get up! I am feeling very warm, comfy and sleepy...

Happy Friday everyone Smile

odds and ends

May 3rd, 2016 at 04:13 pm

I'm having a hard time getting back to my finances after ignoring them for many months. Thankfully, most of my bills are on autopay, so I haven't missed anything so far (I think!). I guess I'll start here with yesterday's spending:

Hair coloring at salon: $90 + $20 tip = $110 total. My hairdresser gives me an amazing head massage while washing my hair and I really enjoy my time at her salon, so I always tip her well.

Gas: $32.70

Kind of a spendy day, but nothing unplanned. Today should be a no-spender. I will eat my packed lunch and then take a walk during my break with a work colleague who is retiring soon. I will go straight home after work and eat leftovers for dinner. No packed lunch needed tomorrow since I'm hosting an event that will provide a vegan lunch. I hope there is enough for everyone - I got more RSVPs than I expected.

This weekend I hired an arborist to remove an apple in my yard tree that fell over last fall. He'll hopefully do the work sometime this week once the rainy weather stops. I'm so sad, I love that tree and it's still alive, but it can't be propped back up. One half is still standing, so he's going to do a quick prune of that one. It has a lot of deadwood, so he's not going to spend more than an hour because it may eventually blow over in the wind since the other half of the tree will be gone. The total cost will be $175. He'll remove and chip the fallen tree, prune the remaining half, and do a few tiny prunes to an ornamental tree in my front yard. He'll even chip my crispy Christmas tree that has been blowing around my back yard since late January! I also have a sugar maple near my house that's on its last root. The estimate to remove that tree is $225, so I'm going to wait until fall or next year to deal with it. I have so few trees in my small yard and I'm not ready to lose two at once!

The reason it has taken me so long to deal with the fallen apple tree is that part of me feels like I should deal with it myself - pay my elderly neighbor to cut it up with his chain saw or put an ad in a local craigs-like-list or something offering the free apple wood to anyone who wants to come cut up the tree and haul it away. I guess I could have had my neighbor cut it up and then put the wood pile by the street with a "free apple wood" sign. Oh, well, too late. I feel most comfortable paying a fully insured, knowledgable professional to take care of it at this point, especially since part of the tree is still standing. I also didn't bother getting more than one estimate. The arborist is a work colleague's husband and he was quick to return my call, visit the house, etc., so I just went for it rather than delay further. We also have friends in common who recommended him, so I like giving the money to someone I have connections with. We'll see how it goes! Honestly, if the fallen tree wasn't visible from the road or so close to my neighbor’s yard, I would probably leave it there and let it take root and continue growing! But, it's an eyesore, so best to get rid of it. I tend to procrastinate on dealing with problems like this, so I am kind of glad that I took action and it will soon be solved even though I don't want to say goodbye to the tree or spend money to deal with it!

OK, kind of a boring update, but it's a start! Hope everyone's week is going well so far. Smile