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me and my auger

September 11th, 2013 at 07:08 pm

Once again, it has been a long time since I have posted. I admire the regulars!

I am so excited because I recently saved myself about $60 now and more $$ in the future by purchasing an auger (drain snake) and unclogging my tub drain. It clogs at least once a year with my hair and I hire a plumber to fix for at least $75. So, I watched a few videos on Youtube, talked to a very knowledgeable salesman at Loews, and bought a bottom-of-the-line auger. I went home and fixed the clog myself, yay! And, now I have the tool on hand for inevitable future clogs. My sink also clogs with my hair, so I am hoping that I can use the auger for that, too.

I am also excited because this afternoon I emailed all of my medical flexible spending account paperwork to the insurance company. I have already spent the $1200 (and then some) that I allotted this year, so I am collecting it now and will use it towards my property taxes, which are due on October 1. I owe $2203.82, so I will pull $1003.82 out of savings to make up the difference. I usually stress myself out and send in the medical paperwork the day before it is due in March, so this is big news!

As of September 13, my Discover credit card balance will be paid off (0% interest special expires after this month, so I wanted to finish it off). I was paying $677 (!) a month, which I think I will now direct towards my Roth IRA. Wish I could remember what that card balance represented, I have no idea what I bought!

I will hit the voluntary limit of $17,500 to my 403B work retirement account with my next paycheck and will now have much fatter checks for the rest of the year. I need to really think about how to allocate the money. Last year I just wasted it away and I want to avoid that strategy this year.

I am not a planner by nature and that is definitely a liability. If there is no plan for existing and incoming money, it just gets frittered away. If there is no plan for time, it also gets frittered away. I did not plan a career and here I am at age 49 (well, in three weeks) in a job I do not really enjoy and I have no idea what to do next.

I do feel lucky to be alive, though, especially on 9/11, so I will see if I can start learning to plan and use my resources and whatever time I have left in ways that are satisfying to me. Good night all!

2 Responses to “me and my auger”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Nice purchase. If you don't have other debt and have a plan for the roth, it seems some of that money could be saved and some could be put towards your house projects listed on your sidebar. If you still have a mortgage you could add a little to that debt pay down.

  2. crazyliblady Says:

    Here's something that might save you some money and time. Go to a hardware store and get something called a hair catcher. It is usually plastic or rubber. The last time I bought one, it was about $2.00 plus tax. That could eliminate a lot of the hair clogs.


    As far as plans for what to do with the "extra" money, I would look at 1) debts, 2) saving up for annual bills like car tax/insurance, property tax on your house, and 3) your house projects. After that, maybe vacation or charitable contributions. Does that help?

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