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sunday stuff

January 5th, 2014 at 05:04 pm

I started the verification process for my paypal account. That will allow me to cash in my soon-to-be 25,000 sw@agbucks for cash through paypal. A few days ago, I received 900 bucks for a Nordstrom purchase I made in December. I have decided that I need to return the item (winter boots that aren't going to be warm enough for my area, but they are darn cute!) and I guess that means I will get a 900 bucks deduction. I don't know how that works.

I also need to return a pair of fashion boots to zappos. They are so cute and fun, but the zipper on one of them broke! I called zappos last night to start the return process. They don't have any more of the boots in stock, so will refund my credit card. The customer service woman decided to send me a $50 coupon to use towards a zappos purchase in the next 90 days to make up for any inconvenience. Sweet! Now I have to remember to order something. I'm going to lose some of my Discover card cash back bonus with the return.

I already did my 15 minutes of piano playing today (more like 30 or so) and have been cooking food to eat for the week. I made a thai coconut milk curry vegetable concoction and brown rice for dinners. I hard boiled some eggs and now need to make a big salad to use for lunches. I'm thinking about making smoothies for breakfasts - I have organic blueberries and strawberries that I picked and froze this summer, almond milk and I just bought a lot of spinach and kale. I need to remember to defrost some berries - I don't like frozen smoothies in frigid January! I have to remember that I'm refraining from processed sugar this week. I have some clementines that I will pack in my lunch each day to help stave of sugar cravings (I hope that works!).

Life is so easy when I'm not working. The minute I start back at my job tomorrow (poor me having two weeks off Smile), I will become overloaded and overwhelmed and I lot of my good intentions will go out the window.

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  1. Kiki Says:

    sometimes the company your purchased through reports the return and your points are affected, other times they are not affected at all. Macy's deducts in my experience but others have not. Not sure about Nordstrom's. I just cashed out for another $25 from swagbucks, that makes $250 in the past 6 months.

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