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A mouse in the houseÖor worse?

October 24th, 2011 at 11:53 am

Ugh. I have had some sort of critter in my kitchen for the last week. I thought it was a mouse, but have not caught anything yet in the covered snap traps Iíve set. I usually get one or two mice inside during fall, catch them quickly and thatís it. This time, though, the signs are different from usually mouse activity. Itís a lot louder, I havenít seen any droppings, itís not getting caught in the traps and yesterday I finally found what Iíve heard it gnawing on. I had a rotting gourd in my compost bucket and I noticed that a good portion of it is gone. This morning I was awoken by the loud thump of something falling onto the ground. I thought it was an apple from the kitchen table, but when I went downstairs noticed that it was a gourd in my front entryway. And the pumpkin on the table had bites taken out of the fleshy part and the stem and there were gourd shards everywhere. Iím starting to think that my friend is bigger than a mouse. Maybe a rat, a squirrel or a chipmunk? Gross! Iíve only had rats once years ago in an apartment and my upstairs guy neighbor took care of them for me and my roommate (set the traps and disposed of two rats that were caught). Iím going to have to get a larger trap this morning at the hardware store. Yuk. This would be a good time to have a boyfriend or husband. I get tired of dealing with everything on my own.

In money news, I have the third week of my finance class on Wednesday. We each pulled our online credit reports and will be reviewing them this week. At first glance, mine looks fine. Iíll also get my credit score. Iíve tracked my spending for all of October so far and will develop a spending plan based on the final totals.

I was going to make some food for the week yesterday, but I ended up having a lazy day and Iím not very motivated to use my kitchen until I catch the critter. I have a can of Muir Glen southwest bean soup that Iíll take for lunch today with a piece of bread, so I wonít have to eat out. And last evening I was dying to go buy a Newman Oís frozen pepperoni pizza and some Ben & Jerryís ice cream (both are on sale which made it very tempting). I managed to help myself stay home and have a can of Muir Glen chicken noodle soup and some bread instead, saving myself $8.98 and a bunch of calories. Yay!

I walked for 30 minutes three days last week and 50 minutes on Saturday. My goal this week is to walk 35 minutes at least four days. I also joined in CreditCardFreeís purge challenge (clear out 27 items a day for 8 days) and got rid of a bunch of papers from my desk and junk from my bathroom.

Off to the hardware store. Sigh.

Who is eating my fall decorations?

3 Responses to “A mouse in the houseÖor worse?”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I was started to imagine a very large creature, but based on those nibbles I think your guesses are plausible. Good luck!!

    In addition to the purge this week, I have been watching calories and getting in some exercise that I wouldn't otherwise. I've already lost some weight. Good luck with your walking goals, too!

  2. patientsaver Says:

    I once had a chipmunk that with great difficulty made its way into my house. I heard a scratching noise allnight long...it must've gotten stuck and wedged in a very small space. It emerged into my downstairs bathroom and met an untimely end when it went to drink water from the open toilet.

    I sure hope you don't have a squirrel or rats. I don't really think a squirrel would tunnel underground, though, so it could be a chipmunk.

    I once found evidence of something having nibbled and broke the stemps of a pot of artificial tulips i had in my attic! I guess itthought it was edible. I never did figure out what it was that bit it.

  3. Jerry Says:

    Whatever it is, it's certainly bigger than a mouse... I hope that your larger trap leads to getting rid of this pest! You will have a lot more insurance of health and comfort in your home once the little critter is gone.

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