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Tuesday, Tuesday

June 4th, 2013 at 02:11 pm

(Bizarre that my blog post has the same title as Miss Angel!)

Lots of thunderstorms in my area this past weekend, so I did a lot of relaxing at home. I made it through a crazy March, April and May at work and things will start to slow down now a bit for the summer. Yay. Unfortunately, because of this craziness coupled with depression during the last few months, I spent way too much money on comfort foods and eating way too much of them! Add a sprained ankle into the mix and I now weigh about 155, which is the heaviest Iíve ever been. I think it was PatientSaver who once said that she was flirting with the 150s in weight Ė Iím sad to say that I seem to be in a full-blown relationship with the 150s!

Thankfully, I reined in my eating habits starting two weeks ago and have been doing a pretty good job buying less food overall, especially junk food, and eating healthier foods in smaller quantities. I had a big score on cauliflower the other day. I mostly shop at a local food co-op, but thereís a small supermarket in the same neighborhood which I also use. They sell organic cauliflower heads for 50 cents less there, so I stopped by on Friday to pick one up. The heads all looked like they were past their prime (although still fine), so I decided to ask for a discount. Rather than paying $4.49 for one head, I was charged $1.25. So, I asked it if could get two! Iím so excited, I love cauliflower. I also bought a large papaya that was on the deep discount rack for $2. I havenít tried it yet, so donít know if it will be a bargain or a bust. I recently found a local, free range egg source at work for $2.50/dozen which is cheap for my area!

Iíve just started to incorporate some gentle exercise into my day that hopefully wonít hurt my healing ankle. I bought a bike trainer on sale from Bike Nashb@r, assembled it with my mountain bike last weekend and have started to use it. Iíve also been taking short walks wearing my ankle brace when I have time. I really miss exercising after a very sluggish few months. One financial bonus has been that my gas consumption has gone way down recently. That will climb back up with summer travel.

I havenít really lost any weight yet, but my first goal was to reorient my taste buds to healthy food and to stop my sugar/fat addiction. Once I get into the habit of eating well, I love to eat tasty, nutritious food. But the minute I start to drift to the dark side of junk food, it can be a slippery slope, and I tend to get into ďall or nothingĒ mode. So, Iíll ride this wave as long as I canÖ

Todayís meals
Breakfast Ė rolled oats, steamed broccoli, olive oil & salt (was supposed to include a hard-boiled egg, but I forgot to bring one to work!)
Snack Ė organic watermelon and a few walnuts
Lunch Ė small amount of deli chicken, lots of lettuce, red cabbage, grated carrot & daikon radish, and stone-ground mustard wrapped up in a multi-grain tortilla.
Snack Ė organic cantaloupe slices
Dinner Ė a Thai coconut curry dish that I made on Sunday with cauliflower, bok choy, carrots, onions, coconut milk, thai curry paste and small shrimp. Served over brown rice. Yum.

I havenít check my 403B total recently. Itís currently at $317,533.84. Iím hoping that my entire retirement portfolio will hit $400K by the end of this year, but that will all depend on the whims of the market.

3 Responses to “Tuesday, Tuesday”

  1. lorraineb Says:

    I was surprised by the same title as well -- thought there might be a bug in the blogs. Glad you were both simply thinking along the same lines for blog post titles.

  2. LuckyRobin Says:

    MonkeyMama and I almost always do the title of This and That on the same day!

  3. MissAngel Says:

    I have to be honest, I couldn't think of a catchier title! Great minds think alike!

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