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How much to pay a cat sitter? and craptastic raise...

June 13th, 2013 at 12:26 pm

Iím going away at the end of June for a week and I just hired my neighbor to watch my sweet baby kitty Jubes. Iím so excited that she is available! She and her husband rent one of two apartments in the house next door to me and, while I donít really know them, they seem mature and responsible. Now I feel like I can really relax when Iím away, knowing that someone will be keeping an eye on my house as well as taking care of the cat.

What is a reasonable daily rate for someone to stop by once a day to replenish food & water, scoop litter box, and make sure that kitty is ok? I was thinking $15 Ė 18 dollars a day. Is that enough? What do people pay these days? I think Iíll be gone 8 days total.

My quest for healthy eating continues, which is helping both my grocery expenses and my waistline, although not as quickly as Iíd like it to!

I just got notification of my companyís raise percentages this year and Iím really disappointed. I will receive a 3.3% raise for high achievement. Ugh Ė I got a 3.5% raise last year for normal achievement. High achievement was 4.5% last year! I was expecting to get at least 4.0%. I feel like Iím getting ripped off by 1.2%. Arghhh. Iím so annoyed and pissed! So much for incentive for this year. Boo.

Well, off to drop a bunch of money on getting my hair colored. Yeehaw. Smile

10 Responses to “How much to pay a cat sitter? and craptastic raise...”

  1. debtfreeme Says:

    I run a house and pet sitting business and drop in care for me is $18 for one visit $28-30 for two visits. Visits last at least 30 and include attention, food, clean water, playing with them etc. so 15-18 a day is great. Just leave specific instructions. Let me know if i can answer any questions.

  2. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    I did it for a neighbor for $20 a day. I went over twice a day. It turned out there was some carpet cleaning involved. I had not expected that and the neighbor said I needn't have done it, but I could not just leaves her carpets like that for the two weeks she was gone!..Oh, yeah, there were three cats and a big maccaw. The maccaw made far flung messes,nin too!

  3. debtfreeme Says:

    I should add that those prices are for cats, for dogs I charge $22 for one visit (walking, scooping, ball or toy time, feeding, water, etc.) or $32 for two. There are slight variations depending upon how many dogs there are and the scope of work. If they also want me to water their yards or extra chores there are slight increases. Overnight visits are between $30 for $50.

    Clients who refer other clients to me also get a % off their next house sit.

    it is a fun side business that I am working to grow. I have a goal of by this time next year making an extra $1000 per month.

  4. ceejay74 Says:

    When I've asked a friend to do it, I offer them $10 per day. They stop by, put food and water out, scoop the litter, and pet the cat if he's around. More recently we got a house-sitter who did it for free in return for getting free lodging in the city for two weeks.

  5. snafu Says:

    Did corporate decide all high achievers would get 3.3%is year? Was regular increase lowered as well? Did something significantly change? Can your supervisor or HR identify what caused staff expectations to be dashed?

    Hey, have a terrific vacation...it is what it is!

  6. lartiga Says:

    In CA I paid my cat sitter $22 a day. Currently in ID I pay $15 a day. Both pet sitters came very highly recommended and have insurance, etc. For longer trips I usually leave a "tip" in the way of 2 movie tickets or a restaurant GC.

  7. creditcardfree Says:

    I think a side business like this would be great! Might think of offering something like this in our area. I'd take $18 for a half hour of work. Smile

  8. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Well.. here pretty much whoever is around during vacations/weekends and is willing to look in on animals does it .. no charge. I tried paying people last year when they took care of Kari for me a couple different times, and no one would take anything. It's kind of considered being part of a school family I think.

    Most of us got a less than 1% raise here ... so 3.3% sounds pretty good to me. Big Grin

  9. My English Castle Says:

    That seems like it's certainly high enough for someone who lives next door.

  10. debtfreeme Says:

    CCF: Make sure you join one of the associations for membership, referrals and most importantly insurance! The insurance and memberships (2) run me about 500 plus the business license. All totaled about $600 a year.

    Everything is a business write off. I just ensure that the first amounts I earn go to saving for the following years business expenses. I write off mileage and other things I purchase (cleaning supplies or poop bags) as well.

    After the business expenses for the following year are saved I put any thing paid to me into my IRA. Once that is maxed out I put in five different categories: extra to student loan (20%), vacation savings (20%), fun (10%), car expenses (mileage adds up, more oil changes and maintenance concerns (20%), miscellaneous (30%). Sometimes this is placed in a particular category sometimes placed in a miscellaneous savings account.

    And I would love a 3.3% raise. I have not had a raise (indeed have experience furloughs for the past 4 years) since 2007. This year we may get a 3% raise but 1% immediately goes into retirement (mandated by our union contract) so it becomes a 2% raise as a time when the cost of living has been more than 2% in the past 6 years.

    At least our state furlough have ended but since I have lived so long without it in my budget I am putting it all into my 401k.

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