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Spendy day and current net worth

September 13th, 2013 at 01:16 pm

I am so not ready for fall! This summer went by waaaay too fast.

I spent one week in the finger lakes on vacation at the house of a friend in June and three weeks with my mom in late July/early August helping her to recover from a hip replacement. She is almost 80 and is doing great! I am lucky that I have a lot of vacation time at my job and I was actually able to use accrued sick time for the three weeks with my mom since it was medically related. I also worked while I was visiting her, so I did not have to claim all of the time that I was away from the office.

It is 60 degrees out today, so I guess I better start facing the reality that summer is indeed over.

My job just started back in full swing this week and I am ready to revisit my finances.

Current net worth: September 13, 2013


Cash 66,911.10
Brokerage 47,836.41
403B Retirement 338,415.87
Traditional IRA 56,396.46
Roth IRA 5,001.89
House 200,000.00

Total Assets 714,561.73


Auto loan (2.9%) -5,427.75
Property Taxes (10/1) -1,003.82

Total Liabilities -6431.57

Current net worth 708,130.16

Not bad for a net worth. It is a little deceiving though because I need to do A LOT of work on my house. Like possibly $75,000 worth of work. Bummer. So, the next stage is to start using incoming money to save for the house projects. I already have $11,000 set aside for a bathroom renovation. I hope it won’t be that expensive. It is a small bathroom and I have fairly simple taste. But, I am counting on water damage and other hidden expenses to be found, so I padded the account so that I am ready.

Today was spendy. I prepaid for my heating oil ($1596.62) and filled up with gas ($51.10). I need to get a few items (toilet paper, olive oil, sponges) on my way home, so that will probably be about $25.

I am going to work out after work, stop to purchase my needed items, and then head home for a quiet evening.

(I just edited this post to remove apostrophes - why do they not work?)

3 Responses to “Spendy day and current net worth”

  1. PatientSaver Says:

    I don't think you need to count property tax as a liability...it's an expense, like your utilities, etc.

    I was reading the short-term outlook for heating oil prices. August was rising and September so far has been high but it should moderate soon as they work out a deal with Syria.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    You are wise to save for unexpected expenses in case something is found when you do your bathroom remodel.

  3. starfishy Says:

    PatientSaver - that's true about the property tax being an expense. I included it in liabilities because i knew it was a big expense that is coming up and will lower my net worth since i won't get paid enough to cover it before October 1. It will be gone next month once i pay it - yay! then i should estimate what i'll owe next year and take out so much each paycheck to cover it.

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