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Last day of vacation

January 4th, 2015 at 06:10 am

I have been staycationing since Friday, December 19, and return to work tomorrow. My workplace closed from Dec 20 through January 1 and I took off Dec 19 and Jan 2 to make my vacation a full 17 days. The entire block of time only cost me two vacation days because we automatically get paid during the break without having to use our time.

I finally feel rested and rejuvenated and have my energy back and now it's time to return to work. Frown I really don't want to go! I know, poor me.

Yesterday was productive!

I finished filling out my healthcare account paperwork! I will scan the many sheets at work tomorrow and email them to the provider for reimbursement of $1400. I met my daily swagbucks goal while I was working on it. I did finally reach 2500 swagbucks the other night, so submitted a request for $25 cash.

Disposed of my trash and recycling at the drop-off spot my town provides every Saturday morning. A private company has to be hired if you want weekly curbside pickup, but I'm too cheap for that because i just don't generate all that much trash. Recycling is free and trash is $2.50/small bag and $5.00/large bag. I usually have a small bag of trash and sometimes the guy doesn't charge me! I forgot to bring money this week, so will need to take an extra $2.50 next week.

Walked with a friend for 75 minutes. A wintry mix storm was brewing which made the air damply cold and much more chilling than the few days before even though the temperature was warmer. The pace was slower than my normal, but it was wonderful to socialize - I was starting to get bored on my solo treks. No exercise today most likely due to forecasted weather, although another friend just texted me to see if I want to walk during a child-free window she has around noon. It looks pretty sloppy outside and I have a lot I want to accomplish today, so not sure if I will go.

I made myself post-walk blueberry pancakes. I am working on cleaning out my food supply and used up some pancake mix. Added local blueberries that I picked and froze last summer and some maple syrup from my neighbor's sugar house. Yum!

Financial goals for the week:

Final steps for processing the healthcare paperwork.

My health insurance is crazy good and massages, acupuncture, chiropractic care, etc., are all covered. I've been getting 90 minute massages once a week for years, which keep me sane and healthy. I need to contact my doctor to get my yearly massage referral. I have chronic neck tightness which is managed with the massages.

Pull credit reports from annualcreditreport.com (thanks lil' miss splendid!). I didn't realize that the credit reports don't contain a score. I get a number each month on my discover card, so I guess I can assume that it's accurate unless I find mistakes on my credit report? Where do I get my official credit score if not on the credit reports?

Keep pursuing the expired reward points problem with my credit union.

A have a small bag of pennies and a few other coins that I found at my mom's house over Thanksgiving that she didn't want. So, I will take them to the sorter at my bank and deposit the small amount into one of my accounts.

Find the latest invoice from my bathroom contractor and pay it - I haven't looked at the total yet.

That looks like enough to keep me busy since work is starting and I will have much less free time.

Oh, and my weigh in today was 142. I am so excited by the amount of walking/running I did this past week. I do hope to lose a few pounds on this challenge, but mainly I want to maintain the weight that I lost last year. I'm tired of yo-yo-ing!

Thanks to Patient Saver, I can now post photos again!

What I cleaned out of my office this week!

blueberry pancakes

5 Responses to “Last day of vacation”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Great job cleaning out your office! Feel good to start fresh and clean for the year doesn't it?

  2. starfishy Says:

    yes! i still have a long way to go, but it felt great to at least clear out that much! Smile

  3. doingtiallwrong Says:

    Discover gives you an actual FICO score (TU08) -- there are a gazillion different FICO scores depending on who is using them, how the various items are weighted, etc. The Discover score is as official as any other, but may still vary from other FICO scores based on different matrices.

  4. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Looks like a productive day!

  5. rob62521 Says:

    Wow, your health insurance pays for massages! Yowza!

    Good job on the office clean up. And I hear you about going back to work...I've been off two weeks already from school and we have another week and I know by this time next Sunday I will be dreading going back big time.

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